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5 Reasons you need a virtual Trinity PA

Accounting Administration - Trinity Talent Virtual Hostess

1. Accurate Cashflow Projection

An exact monthly figure for cashflow projection based on the Project SOW. No hidden costs such as sick leave, annual leave and employee benefits.

2. Immediate Support

A TrinityPA can start within a 3 day SLA with no induction or recruitment delays. 24/7 support when pre-arranged.

3. Increased Flexibility for your Business

Increased flexibility depending on your budgets, scale up or scale down the contract value on a monthly basis.

4. Hiring Specific Skills Sets for your Business

TrinityPAs & Hostess have specific skill sets, from Executive PAs to legally trained administrators. Whether you are looking for a bilingual PA or legal assistant, we can find the right fit for your business.


Delegate your administration tasks and give yourself time to focus on your business. TrinityPAs will manage the small tasks for you.

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