How to Nail your next Casting!

Were you ever invited to a casting or audition (… not the Metalworks type!) and had no idea what to expect?

Fear not though – even the most experienced actors experience a degree of trepidation when walking into the casting room. Let’s face it, the whole deal feels both unknown, promising and terrifying.

Plus, we’re ready to give you some tips and tricks to help you ace your next casting or audition like a pro. Here are a few pointers:

Get as many details as possible: When is the actual shot if you get the part? (So, you don’t waste your time or the producer’s if you are actually not available). What is the role you’re auditioning for? Is it something you feel comfortable with?  How should you dress? The more you know, the more you can prepare for it.

Timing is EVERYTHING: Whenever possible, arrive 15-20 minutes earlier than the appointed time. Bad traffic or not finding parking is not really a good excuse.

Kindness and Manners Win: Be polite – to EVERYONE (from the security guard to the reception team to the producers and directors and everyone in between). To be honest, this can easily be a rule for life. However, the entertainment industry is small and tight, being kind to everyone is key if you aim at a good career in it.

No experience? No problem: Even if you’re feeling self-conscious about your lack of previous experience, remember that everyone starts somewhere. Showcase your personality and abilities, but don’t try too hard or go over the top as that reads as fake.

Make your Mind a Safe Space for you: Being yourself is not easy when you’re in the spotlight, so instead focusing on Being Kind to yourself is important in these situations. Try to avoid beating yourself up or apologising for “ruining it” or messing up.  Things happen, do your best as you do and move on.

Be Ok with Failure: If things don’t go your way, don’t ask to do it again. Trust us on this one! If we need an encore, we will ask you. If we need a repeat, we will ask you. However, remember we have seen it all and, an honest and natural beginner is a lot better to work with than a know-it-all expert with a huge attitude.

Close Strongly: When you are leaving – smile, say thank you, and be sincerely kind. The casting team still have a long day, week, month ahead of them, so a good gesture will mean a lot to them. Plus, by doing so, even if you don’t get chosen for the project, you will definitely be remembered for an upcoming project.

What If you don’t get chosen?: Don’t sweat it! Our managing partner, Nanci Echevarria, says: “In my long career behind and in front of the camera, I’ve learned that sometimes the final decision can come down to many different factors outside of the control of the talent.”

At Trinity Talent Qatar we believe that ultimately, the best way to nail auditions and castings is by showing up to them again and again and getting not only more confident, but also exposed to the industry more.

Hope these tips help and good luck on your next one!

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