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Juggling Sessions

Keen on master the skills of juggling and impressing your friends? 
Join our workshop and learn the secrets of becoming a juggling pro. 



Are you ready to learn something new? Do you love the feeling of small consecutive successes?

Be ready to challenge yourself. Learning to juggle can be very frustrating at times, but with the right training you can master it!

Alexis has been juggling since the age of 12. He loves working with kids, adolescents and adults alike to help them increase their skill-levels. SIGN UP if you too are interested in learning how to juggle and let Alexis show you how it’s done!

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For beginners we will work our way up from one, to two, to three balls. This can be achieved in most cases in one or two sessions.
We pay close attention to correct posture, throwing rhythm and throwing direction.

One of the most important things is to get a very specific and well-known disturbing reflex out of the system to experience the sudden “click”.

For all non-beginners we will not only spend time training, but also in gaining theoretical understanding. There are hundreds, if not thousands of tricks in juggling, all of which have their own intricacies.

Having gained theoretical understanding first can save you a lot of time. Almost no-one learns to juggle within an hour, so learning should not only take place in class, but also at home. One of Alexis’s advise for everyone is to have their own juggling equipment and to bring those along, so you can continue practicing at home.