Meet Marianne!

Talent Management Consultancy Qatar - Trinity Talent Qatar

Our lead Fashion Booker and Party Planner, Marianne has a keen eye for detail and a passion for bringing her creative concepts to life.

Talent Management Consultancy Qatar - Trinity Talent Qatar

She manages fashion projects from beginning to end, ensuring that models and activations align perfectly with the brand’s needs and demands. Not only is she an experienced and empathetic booker, but she also serves as our in-house Fashion Design guru and Trainer. Her expertise spans a wide range of skills, from conducting kiddie teddy bear workshops, talent management, and teaching basic sewing to mastering the art of Fashion Illustration.

With a rich background in catwalk and luxury retail, she brings an intuitive sense of style and elegance to every event she coordinates. Her experience allows her to seamlessly blend creativity with practicality, ensuring that each project not only meets but exceeds client expectations. Her ability to understand and translate brand identities into visually stunning and cohesive fashion events sets her apart in the industry.

Her passion for fashion design is evident in the way she mentors and trains aspiring designers and models, sharing her knowledge and fostering the next generation of talent. She takes pride in nurturing creativity and confidence, whether she’s working with children in workshops or guiding adults through more advanced fashion techniques.

Her dual role as a booker and fashion design expert makes her an invaluable asset to our team. She adeptly manages the logistics and coordination of fashion events while infusing each project with her unique vision and flair. Her empathetic approach ensures that models feel supported and valued, which translates into more authentic and engaging presentations.

In every project, her attention to detail and commitment to excellence shine through. Her intuitive understanding of style, combined with her extensive experience, ensures that every event she touches is executed with precision and grace. Her ability to balance creativity with strategic planning makes her a key figure in bringing our clients’ visions to life, creating memorable and impactful fashion experiences.

Contact her with your most imaginative projects – and stand back as she magically fashions them into masterpieces!

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