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Acting Workshops in Qatar | Modelling, and Personal Branding

Unless you have been living under a desert rock for the past two years, you have probably come across the name or even the beautiful face of Marion Esquivel. She is featured in the recent Shop Qatar 2024 ad campaign and boasts a very cool and likable social media presence with thousands of followers.

Acting Workshops in Qatar | Modelling, and Personal Branding

Marion’s career began as a TV presenter in her home country of Costa Rica (read: NOT Puerto Rico…) at the astonishingly tender age of just nine! She trained in modeling and acting from the very start, building a portfolio that included national and international campaigns across Central America. Even as a (still quite young) adult, Marion continued her professional development, graduating with a degree in Public Relations.

Marion’s early exposure to the entertainment industry laid a solid foundation for her multifaceted career. Her transition from child star to a recognized name in modeling and acting is a testament to her dedication and versatility. Her training in acting workshops in Qatar has further honed her skills, allowing her to perform confidently and authentically in various roles. These workshops provided Marion with a platform to refine her acting techniques, improve her stage presence, and connect with other industry professionals, enhancing her overall performance capabilities.

Her involvement in acting workshops in Qatar not only bolstered her acting prowess but also contributed to her growing popularity and professional success. These workshops offer valuable opportunities for aspiring actors to learn from experienced instructors, participate in practical exercises, and receive constructive feedback. For Marion, these experiences have been instrumental in shaping her career and enabling her to take on more diverse and challenging roles.

We are now super lucky to have partnered with this gem of a human being for her exciting new chapter – the terrific GLOW UP X TTQ SESSIONS –  and we are SO EXCITED TO GET THIS LAUNCHED!!

This program is a definite game changer for aspiring models, actors, or anyone looking to build their personal brand or wanting to be more assertive, self confident, and fully engaged in their personal growth!

Be ready to:

  • embark on a journey of self-discovery
  • build confidence
  • master essential modeling, acting, walking, and posing skills
  • Learn the fundamentals of Personal Branding from the unique perspective of an influencer and PR expert!

Each session is interactive, action-packed and practical

As a participant, you will walk away with real-life case studies, group challenges and assignments that will help you step up your game as you learn to:

  • Create your own strong modeling portfolio
  • Ace Castings
  • Become your own Public Relations & Marketing expert
  • Assert yourself in a more joyful, positive way!

Are you in or are you IN!! Get in on the Action and begin your journey to GLOW UP today by registering below!

Registration Details:

Dates:  February 2024


Cost: QR 2400 for 10 intensive sessions (2 hours each)

Payment: Installments of QR 800 before each module

Module 1 (Sessions 1 to 3)

Module 2 (Sessions 4 to 6)

Module 3 (Sessions 7 to 10)

Age Groups:

Glow Up Teens – Age 12-17

Glow Up Adults – Age 18+

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